• Retail

    Working with trusted partners to provide Hands-Free RFID solutions for retail stores, providing low cost effective high density, dynamic wide area tracking covering up to 4,000m2.

     The solution provides live hands free store inventory visibility which is a necessary foundation to support the omni-channel sales initiatives required by today‚Äôs modern retailers.

    This includes data such as available inventory and product location in store, increasing customer confidence that the desired product is actually available, with information regarding the products location in the store, resulting in increased in-store sales.

    Personnel receive automated replenishment alerts, misplaced items alerts and missing alerts. A visual search interface enables items to be quickly located by accessing a digital floor plan.


    In Addition:


    PTS. through its strategic partners, can provide facial recognition in store monitoring, working with existing surveillance cameras. Faces are captured and processed via a unique web based or on premises system enabling comparison of watch lists of known offenders alerting store personnel or RFID triggered capture of faces of shoplifters as they leave the store with unpaid items, enabling images to be produced for the Police, other interested parties like other retail outlets as well as adding to the watch list. This can also be used for important customers to know when they are in the retail outlet so that focussed offers or personal attention can be given.

  • Fraud

    Working with trusted partners in preventing the fraudulent use of bank and credit cards over the internet and in the retail environment.


    Using a mixture of RFID, Facial Recognition and online registration software technology PTS can provide a number of solutions to provide a secure online solution enhancing the online shopping experience.


    This technology can be extended to retail outlets in providing instant security checks at the point of purchase, saving time for the store and bank/credit card providers when phoned security confirmation is required.

  • Police

    RFID has matured and PTS has both use case and real business cases to show significant savings and efficiency gains in areas such as the management of lost property, the location of case files and importantly evidence tracking.

    An example of evidence tracking:- PTS is working with several UK Police  forces in providing an end to end tracking and case management solution for forensic exhibits.

    Exhibits are tracked from the scene of the crime through the processing areas such as Fingerprints, Chem Lab and Footwear, all processes and results recorded against the exhibits, enabling full visual of the exhibits through the stages and full reporting.

    As a web based solution outside service providers can populate the system to record their analysis results and tracking of exhibits.

    Cloud hosted or on premise solutions for digital storage and retrieval are available as well as automated stock control alerts to consumable providers.

  • Airports

    PTS is working with industry and trusted partners in a number of areas within the airport environment.


    There are three basic concepts around RFID tagging and tracking of persons, Facial recognition tracking of persons and the management of queues in areas such as passport control.


    The RFID solution includes the attachment of tags to the hand luggage, duty free items and the association of the tag to the boarding pass. As the hand luggage remains with the person, PTS using new technology is able to track the location of the tag throughout all areas of the airport.


    The Facial Recognition solution utilises a unique highly scalable cloud based biometric search engine which is capable of managing multiple biometric and RFID applications enabling solutions such as:


    • Online facial registration for Boarding Cards
    • Facial Emotion Analysis
    • Facial crowd detection
    • Managing Watch Lists
    • RFID and Facial association and management


    The Airport solutions also enable both Face, Tags and boarding passes to be associated to a specific flight enabling the tracking and distances to be used to establish the likely hood of a no show at the gate.


    Alerts at the gate can trigger reminders to passengers if the passenger is in danger of being late to board or in the case of a definite no shows the baggage can be removed from the hold to ensure the plane leaves on time, saving time and money.

  • Building Sites

    Working with trusted partners to provide tracking and security solutions for building sites.


    A combination of our unique RFID and Facial Recognition solutions can be deployed for:


    • Security access to sites, which includes identity confirmation, access control, work permit checks, training checks and entry & exit monitoring.
    • Personnel real time monitoring and location tracking around the site.
    • The monitoring, tracking and personnel association of equipment and tools on and off site enabling restricted access to trained users.


    PTS innovative thinking enhances the monitoring and tracking capabilities for sites by utilising tags sewn into overalls and the use of drones using high quality cameras and RFID antennas.

  • Security

    Working with trusted partners to provide security solutions for various applications.


    Utilising both our unique RFID and Facial recognition technology to enable cost effective security solutions.


    RFID can be used to track high value assets in the work place or in the home, alerting when the asset is moved without permission, we have also developed applications where a notification can be sent directly to the police and an incident automatically created, as well as a mobile device that sounds an alarm to bring attention of the relevant owner or security monitoring service.


    Our Facial Recognition solution can monitor access points within the work place or home, sending out alerts when an unknown person enters and adding to a watch list for further investigation.

  • Farming

    Working with trusted partners, NFU and Police to provide live monitoring and tracking of high value assets within the farming community.


    The security RFID and Facial Recognition solutions can be utilised to alert farmers when their assets are being moved, even in remote barn locations, real time notifications can alert the police to respond quickly and locate the equipment before it leaves the area., as well as an audible alarm sent to owners mobile device if the theft is occurring during "sleeping" hours.


    PTS can also offer a cost effective monitoring solution for livestock control allowing the farmers to instantly know if an animals inoculations are up to date and which animals they are actually dealing with as well as other useful data like location.



  • Healthcare

    Working with trusted partners to provide healthcare solutions, providing tracking and location of assets including beds, equipment and patients.


    Security options are also available utilising RFID and Facial Recognition technology such as access control.


    PTS use state of the art technology allowing hospitals to track in real time, and uses low cost battery free passive tags.


    Staff can use easy to read configurable, map based graphical dashboards and reporting solutions, providing real time tracking and stock inventories. as well as tracking case files, time dependent samples or chemicals etc


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