Physical Tracking Systems (PTS)



Border Security.

PTS provides an innovative solution to detect and identify persons in border-controlled areas.

The systems use long wave emissions to detect humans crossing borders or hiding in trucks, coaches or sea freight containers, even though metal up to one foot thick.

• A fenceless border can be created using a series of posts which detect any human activity and trigger the built-in camera to record the event and activate the facial recognition technology.

• Trucks and coaches can be scanned within the port or border environment to detect if a human is stowed in the vehicle illegally, alerting border force offices, facial recognition technology can work in tandem also alerting border force officers persons on watchlists or recording data for future reference.

• Sea freight containers can be scanned as they are transferred from the ship to the truck for transportation. Any humans are detected, and the border force or port control are alerted, enabling them to take action and search the container.


• PTS has a number of solutions to provide live monitoring and tracking of high value assets within the farming community.

• RFID technology can be utilised to alert farmers when their assets are being moved, even in remote barn locations, real time notifications can alert the police to respond quickly and locate the equipment before it leaves the area, as well as an audible alarm sent to owners’ mobile device if the theft is occurring during "sleeping" hours.

• Working in conjunction with RFID and Facial recognition or independently PTS has two unique solutions. The first is a RASS solution used to detect movement/vibration through walls, fences and underground. The second detects a human signature up to 30 metres away using harmless long wave emissions, the system can be configured to ignore animals and only send alerts when humans are in the vicinity. This solution is ideal for protecting machinery in a barn or field giving owners and Police advanced alerts before the machinery is moved.

Valued Asset Protection.

PTS Utilises unique RFID and Facial recognition technology to enable cost effective security solutions. RFID can be used to track high value assets in the work place or in the home, alerting when the asset is moved without permission, we have also developed applications where a notification can be sent directly to the police and an incident automatically created, as well as a mobile device that sounds an alarm to bring attention of the relevant owner or security monitoring service. Our Facial Recognition solution can monitor access points within the work place or home, sending out alerts when an unknown person enters and adding to a watch list for further investigation.

Stadium/Event Security (Crowded Places).

PTS uses a blend of technology creating an end to end security solution for crowded places. The solution provides online registration for tickets which includes photograph and RFID tickets issued prior to event. RFID and Facial recognition verification on entry and bags associated to person using RFID provide bag separation security alerts. On the day ticket purchase associates tickets/bags/facial image through entry gates.

Live RFID and facial image monitoring provide security alerts when bag and person become separated and enables real-time surveillance and tracking and checking of faces against watchlists, creating alerts of suspects.

The same solution can be utilised to track and monitor staff in crowded places, location of staff know, supports lone working, monitoring through RFID and time-based non-movement alerts. Staff lanyards or RFID tags sown into clothing and tagged work bags tracked providing alerts when separated.

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