Physical Tracking Systems (PTS)



Human detection -  The system was developed in cooperation with the NATO scientific research branch and works under any weather conditions (snow, fog, rain, wind, etc.) and it can differentiate between a human and animal biofield. An alarm is raised if a human is detected but not when an animal is passing around its sensors. The device penetrates any kind of material (steel, armour, concrete, rock, sand, water etc.) and searches for human biofield. At the same time in accordance with the EU health regulation there is no harm to living organism caused by the use of this scanning device.  This system is assisting greatly to fight the human trafficking across the borders as well as providing a security capability where early human detection is paramount.

R&D is focusing on Search and Rescue, the detection of humans buried under an avalanche in mountains and major disasters with collapsed buildings.


EPOFAT technology is based on the comparison of homogenous electromagnetic fields created by every living organism. Every human has a unique level, that can be calculated and measured using EPOFAT system. The system is capable of measuring fields of encased subjects. This can be any material or substance. The devices are wireless, operate on a GPS basis and will be soon compatible with mobile devices and tablets.

RASS-1 technology is a special coaxial cable Sensor which works on the principle capacity comparison. The RaSS system is a classically braided cable system which can be fitted to existing walls and fences or built directly into walls. The digital analyser is braided, which mechanically protects the sensor itself and which evaluates all processes and generates an impulse response (alarm signal) to the central unit.

RaSS is used to secure premises and areas of:

• Chain link fence

• Lattice fence, boundary wall, security fence

• Inside the boundary wall – against demolition attack

• Under ground

PTS has exclusivity to special scanning devices that are able to detect human beings based on the detection of a human biofield.


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