Physical Tracking Systems (PTS)



In Store Tracking and Monitoring.

PTS can provide Hands-Free RFID solutions for retail stores, providing low cost effective high density, dynamic wide area tracking covering up to 4,000m2. The solution provides live hands free store inventory visibility which is a necessary foundation to support the omni-channel sales initiatives required by today’s modern retailers. This includes data such as available inventory and product location in store, increasing customer confidence that the desired product is actually available, with information regarding the products location in the store, resulting in increased in-store sales. Personnel receive automated replenishment alerts, misplaced items alerts and missing alerts. A visual search interface enables items to be quickly located by accessing a digital floor plan.

In Addition:

PTS can provide facial recognition in store monitoring, working with existing surveillance cameras. Faces are captured and processed via a unique web based or on premises system enabling comparison of watch lists of known offenders alerting store personnel or RFID triggered capture of faces of shoplifters as they leave the store with unpaid items, enabling images to be produced for the Police, other interested parties like other retail outlets as well as adding to the watch list. This can also be used for important customers to know when they are in the retail outlet so that focussed offers or personal attention can be given.

Retail Fraud

PTS has been working with trusted partners in preventing the fraudulent use of bank and credit cards over the internet and in the retail environment. Using a mixture of RFID, Facial Recognition and online registration software technology PTS can provide a number of solutions to provide a secure online solution enhancing the online shopping experience. This technology can be extended to retail outlets in providing instant security checks at the point of purchase, saving time for the store and bank/credit card providers when phoned security confirmation is required.

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