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HMPPS are seeking a solution to allow them to better validate visitor identity on entry and exit to the prison, and to share this information across the prison estate. The ideal solution would not only validate identity but increase the speed at which identity is validated.

The solution must confirm the identity of visitors entering a prison, either against an existing HMPPS database or an external one and flag in near real time where the identity is not verifiable or highlight other security concerns around this visitor.

There are two strands to this requirement:

1. The first is the requirement to introduce a system which will verify visitor identity on arrival in the visits hall. Optional requirements could be to conduct some of this verification in the lead up to a visit and also providing a verification of visitors on exit.

2. The second is that the output from this verification can be transmitted and retained in a secure data store so it can be cross referenced against other HMPPS data assets.

It is essential that any proposed solution can deliver improvements without increasing the time it takes for a visitor to enter a prison. We would expect that the data transferred to be both format and solution agnostic. It is not expected that proposed solutions will be integrated with other systems. There is no requirement for the system to provide initial booking of visits by prisoners or visitors, although if this is an integrated part of the process then it is acceptable. There is no requirement for the system to perform any analysis of the data as this will be undertaken by HMPPS.

“The project lead is PTS working as a consortium with Reliance High-Tech Ltd, Allevate, Dermalog and Resilio. The solution uses components already deployed operationally by government, intelligence, border and defence organisations. The challenge will be integration, to mitigate this we will work with the HMPPS to define a specific use-case for the trial to assure beneficial outcomes.

Our approach:

• Web portal for visitor registration and visit requests, capturing available data such as facial image and documentation, providing advanced visitor information for background checks. This builds a database of regular visitors and patterns to minimise queue times as only exceptions need to be addressed.

• Mobile phone apps for visitor pre-registration:

o Providing identification verification using passport and identity documents chip opening, facial image capture and liveness checks.

o Photographing identity documents.

• For non-pre-registered visitors, locally installed biometric kiosks for identity verification (similar to airport verification kiosks) using passport and identity documents, chip opening, facial image capture and fingerprint capture.

• Linked to a centralised identification management system which holds personal authentication data.

• Generate a prison specific daily visitor lists with authentication data and watchlists and integrate with exiting databases to monitor pattern/trends.

• Use real time, entry and exit technology to authenticate and monitor the entry, presence and exit of visitors using real time facial recognition and/or fingerprint readers.”

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