Physical Tracking Systems (PTS)


Crowded Places Demonstrator

Protecting spaces that are normally crowded with people (transport hubs, shopping malls, sports stadia, etc.) from terrorist threats is perhaps one of society’s greatest security challenges. High assurance approaches such as individual screening at the boundary are often impossible given the volumes of people and the time, space and cost involved. However, innovative modern technology, the application of good design, and the imaginative use of human resource can all combine to improve the security of a crowded place with minimum interference to people’s lives and activities. The immersive ‘Crowded Places Demonstrator’ (CPD) at the UK Security Exhibition provides an environment in which to explore these issues. The aim is to show how a combination of technology, processes and techniques can be applied imaginatively in a variety of operational scenarios to improve protection from terrorist attack.

“PTS (Physical Tracking Systems) has innovative RFID technology from Cambridge University (Pervasid) to determine locations of people and their assets – triggering alerts if a person becomes a certain distance from their luggage, however the real innovation PTS has is to bring together complementary solutions to provide an end to end surveillance service comprising of world class facial recognition from Allevate ( as used in the Dept of Defence in the US ) platformed on a secure accredited capability as used by the Home Office from Sungard Availability Services and implemented, maintained and Integrated by a Global service Integrator – CACI .”

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