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Border Force carries out checks on every person that crosses the UK border. This can be resource-intensive and consume significant amounts of time, resulting in large queues of passengers and vehicles awaiting clearance. Particular challenges occur when processing and clearing cars and coaches at rail and sea ports, where currently all passengers disembark and are checked individually.

Border Force now wishes to conduct market engagement to gauge where companies can help develop solutions to address this challenge and associated problems of crowd control, whilst maintaining or improving existing security levels.

The issue is primarily to allow Border Force to process and clear coach and car traffic at rail and train border crossings more effectively. An improved customer experience and reduced time taken to cross the border would be of additional benefit.

It should enable officers to confirm the identity of the person travelling; authenticate permissions to enter the UK, and alert officers of any high-risk passengers who may need to be interviewed upon arrival.

There are two strands to this requirement:

1. The physical challenge of avoiding the disembarkation of all passengers from vehicles, allowing high volumes of people to be cleared more efficiently, and is less resource intensive.

2. Concerns about the way i n which any solution can effectively wash (compare) passenger details against any necessary data sets (which may be held by different systems) to carry out the appropriate checks.

“PTS has significant expertise in bringing together innovative integrated biometric solutions, indeed recently we were part of an award winning “crowded places demonstration” where PTS brought together RFID, Facial recognition and mobile devices to identify acts of terrorism and quickly apprehend the perpetrators. For this requirement PTS have determined two established companies, CIVICA as the prime and integrator and Dermalog with their significant expertise in border control systems. These companies, will be best suited to deliver a service that improves the border customer experience as well as maintaining and improving existing security levels.”

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