Physical Tracking Systems (PTS)



AFIS – identification systems for law enforcement and high-speed civilian identification, offering the world’s fastest coding and matching with a record 129 million comparisons per second, whilst maintaining highest accuracy rates. Needing no proprietary hardware and runs on all common operating systems.


ABIS – A multi-modal ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) combines several biometric methods, ABIS is a fully customizable software package. It provides the ability to match, store or process the captured characteristics, so-called biometric templates, it is able to link for example Fingerprint Recognition to Face Recognition and Iris Recognition.


Biometric Documents – Turnkey solutions for data capturing, biometric verification/identification, personalization and issuance of eID and ePassport systems.


eGates – Designed for automated border control at airports, seaports and high security areas where rapid and reliable personal identification is required. The compact drive unit and modern control technology permit clear and minimalist gate design.



Self-Registration Kiosk – Includes the worlds first multi-purpose scanner capturing fingerprint and passport images, as well as signatures on the same scanning surface.  Can be used to verify passports, ID cards, signatures, fight tickets and barcodes, used for self-enrolment and automated document checks and passport control and includes biometric face and finger verification. The scanner uses the most advanced technology for detection of fake fingerprints in order to prevent any fraud and misuse.


Biometric Number Plate – Includes RFID technology to track and identify vehicles, the tag located on the number plate can contain biometric information such as fingerprints for restricted access and or facial image to automatically identify the driver passing through barriers, using fingerprint scanners and cameras.


Facial Recognition – PTS with MXSERVER can provide a Big Data cloud-enabled and virtualised video and photographic analysis solution incorporating face recognition.

• It can be run and maintained in most virtualised environments and can be hosted in a public cloud, private cloud or installed on local servers.

• It is completely browser-based, allowing multi-user role-based authentication with multiple public or private watchlists.

• It has a complete set of programming interfaces to allow integration into other systems and workflows allowing it to be run as a “black-box” engine.

• Using MXSERVER, all faces from the ingested video or photographs are:

o Extracted and cropped.

o Searched against a watchlist.

(Matches resulting in watchlist hits which can be pushed to external systems)

o Indexed so the media can be searched with a photograph.

(where have we seen this person before?)

• Media inputs to MXSERVER may include:

o Live surveillance cameras (CCTV).

o Body Worn Video.

o Archived video.

o Online Sources (YouTube, Facebook etc).

o Confiscated hardrives, phones, PCs (Digital Forensics).

o Live from police mobile phones.

o Members of the public.

• MXSERVER is linearly scalable, simply by adding / removing “worker” virtual machines.

• Allevate also offers a low-bandwidth live surveillance option that moves some processing next to the camera to:

o Perform face detection, pose correction, best face selection.

o Create JPGs of individually cropped faces.

Therefore, only JPG images of faces seen in the video stream are sent over the network to MXSERVER.

o http://allevate.com/index.php/facesearcher/

• MXSERVER is independent of the face recognition algorithm and is already integrated with face recognition algorithms of multiple vendors.

• MXSERVER can integrate additional detection capabilities, such as:

o Movement detection – Hone in on video segments where motion detected

o Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) – Hone in on video where number plates are detected. Search by number plate, associate with face.

o Gait analysis – Identify and track individuals by the way they walk.

o Object recognition – Locate video segments where specific objects are present or specific individual classifications (i.e. people with red top).

o Logo detection – Locate video segments with specific logos. ” searching for person with a Man U sweatshirt.”

We have exclusivity to innovative technology in security, tracking and business process. Our main areas of business are Commercial property such as stadiums, Policing, Home Office, MOD and Border Force. We are based in the UK but have supplied services to major projects internationally.


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