Physical Tracking Systems (PTS)



Stadium/Event Security (Crowded Places).

PTS uses a blend of technology creating an end to end security solution for crowded places using RFID and biometric state of art technology. The solution provides online registration for tickets which includes photograph and RFID tickets issued prior to event or self-generated tickets using biometric information and generated QR code tickets. RFID and Facial recognition verification on entry and bags associated to person using RFID provide bag separation security alerts. On the day ticket purchase associates tickets/bags/facial image through entry gates. Biometric identity cards can also be generated for season holders enabling quick identity and entry using fingerprint or facial recognition gates.

Live RFID and facial image monitoring provide security alerts when bag and person become separated and enables real-time surveillance and tracking and checking of faces against watchlists, creating alerts of suspects.

The same solution can be utilised to track and monitor staff in crowded places, location of staff know, supports lone working, monitoring through RFID and time-based non-movement alerts. Staff lanyards or RFID tags sown into clothing and tagged work bags tracked providing alerts when separated. Biometric identification for restricted areas using facial recognition, iris or fingerprints restricts access to staff.

Border Protection.

PTS provides an innovative solution to border entry which addresses some of the major issues faced by border forces, by giving notice of who is travelling before they reach the port, enabling back ground checks and watch lists to be checked potentially hours in advance, alerting officers of any high-risk passengers and verifying who is travelling and in which vehicle.

 The solution provides: -

• Pre-registration of passengers prior to arrival to ports

• Knowledge of who is travelling in which vehicle

• Knowledge when vehicle and passengers have arrived for travel

• Verification of passengers opening of passport chip using biometric kiosks or mobile app

• Potential identification of suspects through watchlists

• Speed the flow of vehicles through the departure process

• Identify miss matches of vehicles and passengers to enable judgement calls by Border Control to carry out additional security checks

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