Physical Tracking Systems (PTS)


Physical Tracking Systems Ltd (PTS) is an SME specialising in biometrics, integrating several unique cost-effective innovative technologies into ECO systems to provide enhanced public security, evidence collection and tracking, crime detection and processing.

We believe we have a significant capability to blend SME’s and large Service Integrators into a consortium that brings real deliverable innovation based on business process and digital agenda’s, not creating software in the absence of users.

PTS has created ECO solutions for several projects using tried and tested selection of companies to build unique innovative solutions, working closely with Home Office, Police, Security and Forensic companies.

PTS has also worked on ECO systems with a number of internationally renowned companies.

Phil Marshall CEO – Phil is currently consulting for several major UK system Integrators in the criminal and justice areas as well as historically selling Major Police systems in the UK including the Metropolitan Police, Greater Manchester Police, Northumbria Police. Phil has sold many other critical systems in the public and private sectors and has an extensive network of suppliers and partners to deliver Figure 1 as described later in this document. An overachiever in strategic sales for many of the world’s leading Integrators Phil brings a wealth of experience in bringing the best of breed solutions to underpin opportunities.

Ian Gledhill COO – Ian is currently consulting for several major UK system Integrators in the criminal and justice areas and major Police forces in the UK and EU. Ian worked in forensics for over 32 years with experience in working with AFIS companies testing, benchmarking and training internationally and has been at the forefront of innovation. For instance, Ian developed the first transmission of crime scene marks to bureaux in 2004 used by 90% of the UK forces and was responsible for setting up of the first truly regional collaboration of 5 forces forensic services in the East Midlands, as well as developing paperless office and lights out processing for the UK in 2012. Ian has carried out process reviews for many forces whilst seconded to the Home Office and was subsequently responsible in instigating PNC functionality changes, digitisation of fingerprint collections and the development of digital processing to increase UK Police forensic efficiencies and is currently working on various European and US forensic projects.




Physical Tracking Systems Ltd (PTS) is a small consultancy with an exceptional capability to deliver complex solutions from a wide range of leading and innovative technology and service providers to deliver solutions to private and public-sector customers.



PTS has the capability to bring together complementary solutions from leading suppliers to provide a unique end-to-end service, bringing together virtual specialist teams to deliver and support small to large projects.


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